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How To Change My WiFi Password On Netgear C7100V

This device is here to make your life easier; it has functionalities such as providing a faster internet access and two VoIP telephone lines when connected with a coaxial cable; also, as a bonus, you can add a battery to it (sold separately) which can give you a couple of extra hours in case you run out of power. As usual, the router comes with a factory WiFi security password that you can find on the back label of your device, but that you may change if you want to.

To modify the WiFi password of your Netgear C7100V please follow the instructions below:

  • On your computer or mobile device’s browser type or
  • When the login window opens up enter admin as username and password as your keyword.
  • When the home page is displayed, go ahead and select the wireless setup option.


  • Then, you will see security options, choose the WPA2 one. It is better to select this one instead of the others because it has better security for your WiFi. Leave the WPA2-PSK [AES] radio button as it is by default.
  • Proceed to enter the password of your preference in the Passphrase field; this field accepts from 8 to 63 characters giving you the possibility of assigning a very secure password.
  • Click on the Apply button and you are ready to go.
  • Remember that you also have the possibility to change the SSID (Network Name) in the Wireless Setup screen.

If you want to add a second router to the network, you may do it by changing the configuration on your main device home page and selecting what is called bridge mode. Basically, your device will serve as a bridge to your new router and the latter will obtain a new WAN IP address.

In order to setup the bridge mode, follow the steps below:

  • On your browser type or
  • Log in with your user name and password.
  • Once in, go to ADVANCED > Administration > Router Mode.
  • When the Router Mode page shows up select the No radio button.

With these simple steps, your devices are ready to work on bridge mode.

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