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How To Change My WiFi Password On Linksys CG7500

The Linksys CG7500 is built with a lot of features so that its users receive the best experience. Below are some of them in detail:

  1. Combines a cable modem with a WiFi router eliminating the need for a separate device.
  2. Works with Xfinity, Spectrum and other major cable providers.
  3. It has a dual-band WiFi allowing for faster and more reliable connections.
  4. The router broadcasts three data streams for faster WiFi performance.
  5. It gets to speeds up to 4.3 times faster than Wireless-N.
  6. The cable modem comes bonded with 24 download and 8 upload channels optimizing file transfers and media streaming by transferring big chunks of data simultaneously.

Configure the WiFi of your Linksys CG7500

Below you may find the steps to easily change the WiFi password of this router model. The procedure is similar to other routers.

  1. Access the browser-based utility by opening a web browser and entering the IP address.
  2. Once the login screen is displayed write down admin in the Password field or the value you have set it to (either during the modem’s setup or at a later time). Then, click Log in.Linksys CG7500 Login
  3. Access the Configuration tab on the top part of the screen and then click on the Wi-Fi Section at the left, finally access Wi-Fi Settings.
  4. Go to the Password field and change its value for one of your liking. You may also change other settings in this section, such as the Wi-Fi name, the network mode, bandwidth, channel, and security mode.Linksys CG7500 Password Field
  5. Once you have edited the password and/or other settings you wanted to change, press the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
Linksys CG7500 Save Cancel buttonsNotes:
  • When inside the web interface, you may click the Help link in the upper-right corner of the screen in order to learn more about any field.
  • After changing any settings on a screen, you either press the Save button to apply the changes or Cancel (both located at the bottom of the screen)¬†in order to cancel them.
  • To navigate the system use the tabs at the top of the screen and the menus you need at the left part of the screen.
  • If you would like to change the password needed to access the browser-based utility instead of the Wi-Fi one, go to the Configuration tab, select the Administration section and then click on Password, you will be required to input the old password (admin is the default one), the new password and a confirmation of the latter.
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