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How to change my WiFi password on Arris TG862G-CT

Arris TG862G-CT

The Arris TG862G-CT Xfinity Wireless Gateway acts like an all in one device. It is considered one of the most powerful devices with DOCSIS 3.0 compliant designs.

If you have one of this at home, then, this guide is going to be excellent for you, and this is because we are going to teach you how to change the WiFi key on this router step by step. If by any chance you have any inconvenience, we suggest you to let us know by writing us at the comments box below.

This guide is also good for other Arris models similar to this one. But this time we will focus on the settings of the Arris TG862G-CT.

You may also want to see how similar is this router to the Arris TG3482G.

Access and setup to the Xfinity Arris TG862G-CT

To access to the Arris TG862G-CT settings, it will be needed to run a web browser of your preference and go to the IP address to get into the router’s interface.

As you can see in the picture below, the system is going to ask you for a username and a password. Usually the accessing credentials are printed out in the back label of the router. In this case is going to be admin for the username and password for the password, then you press enter.

Arris TG862G-CT login

Now you will be able to see all the options that the router offers to set it up. We recommend you not to modify any option we don’t suggest you to do. This may cause problems in the wireless network or in the worst case scenario it can stop working at all.

Recommendation for the Xfinity accessing password

This step is not essential at all, but you got to have it in mind. It is very recommendable to change the access password to increase the security level and avoid future network thefts.

You can change your access password by going into Troubleshooting and then Change Password. You have to type the old one and then the new one twice. After this, just save the changes.

Arris TG862G-CT troubleshooting password

Change the WiFi passphrase on your Xfinity Arris TG862G-CT

Here we will set up your wireless network. In this case we have to change the WiFi password.

When you are in the interface’s Main Home Screen, you go to Connection and then WiFi. After you see the network name, it will say edit to the right side, just click on it and the settings for your wireless network will show up.Arris TG862G-CT Wireless settings

Into the Wireless Settings you will be able to change either the SSID (Network Name), the Security Mode (we recommend WPA/2), and the Network Password. Remember to add a useful password, mixing letters, numbers and capitals in order to have a better security.

After you have finished with all the settings, the last step is to save the settings by clicking on Save Settings.

This is how you can change the wireless password on the Arris TG862G-CT.Please visit our official Xfinity Page to know more about Xfinity routers.


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