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How to change my WiFi password on Arris TG3482G

Arris TG3482G

The Arris TG3482G brings to you all the faster and reliable service. If you are watching for some streaming, playing some online game, downloading something or talking to someone, you do not have to worry, and this is because this router brings you the best quality either you are connected via cable or WiFi.

A good feature of this router is the backup battery to help you with the continued service during outages. Also you can have DOCSIS 3.0, up to two telephone lines, wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, etc.

In this excellent tutorial, we will be explaining not only how to change the WiFi key, but we want you to know more about this router than that. The access to the router, the security type, the network name, and how to change some additional settings are the best option to know more about any router.

There are many recommendations before starting. Always when setting up your router use cable connection. It brings you more stability, you will not have connectivity inconveniences, and if you change some wireless settings you will not be kicked out of the network.

You may also want to see how similar is this router to the Arris TG862G-CT.

Accessing to the Arris TG3482G interface

Follow the steps down here in order to grant the access to the router’s interface:

  1. Run the browser of your preference. In this case i am using google chrome.
  2. Into the typing area introduce the IP Address and press enter.Arris TG3482G IP Address
  3. You will see a box asking you for the username (admin) and the password (password).
  4. After you introduce the credentials, then just press enter and the main interface screen will show up.

Change the WiFi password, network name and security mode on the Arris TG3482G

Follow the steps down here in order to change some settings in your router:

  1. After you access to the router’s interface, by following the steps up here, you will see the Main Screen.
  2. Now, click on the Connection tab. It will open a menu with other options.
  3. Click where it says Wi-Fi.
  4. Here you will see two networks to be edited (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).Arris TG3482G 2.4ghz network
  5. In this case we are editing the 2.4Ghz network, just click where it says Edit. It is going to open the settings for this network. If you want to edit the 5Ghz network, the procedure is the same.
  6. You can see the Network Name (SSID) which can be edited.Arris TG3482G wireless settings
  7. You can edit the Security Mode. We always recommend WPA/2.
  8. Almost at the end you can see the Network Password. Edit it as you wish.
  9. Finally, to finish with the settings, just Save the settings and you will be done.

This is how you can change the Wireless password on the Arris TG3482G. Please comment below.


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