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How To Change My WiFi Password On Arris SBG7600

The Arris SBG7600 is a next-generation WiFi Cable modem of ultra high speed. It uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) radio technologies. Furthermore it is inter-operable with other products that use these radio technologies. You may install a mobile app to sync the device and get security, internet access, parental control for the connected devices on your WiFi home network. Since this is a cable modem with Wi-Fi it’s possible to connect a computer or other network-enabled devices. This is done through either the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless connections or one of the four Ethernet ports available.

The modem connects to the coaxial cable connection in your home. Finally, it also comes with a WPS button for quick and easy connection of WPS-enabled devices.

Configure the WiFi password of your Arris SBG7600

In order to change the configuration and WiFi password of the Arris SBG7600 please follow the steps below.

Log into the GUI

  1. Open a web browser using the computer connected to your modem.
  2. Type the default IP address and press Enter to open the login screen.Arris SBG6950ac2 Login Screen
  3. Unless the admin password had been changed before, type password in the Password field and admin in the User Name field, and click Apply to open the modem’s web manager.
  4. An alert message is displayed suggesting to download the ARRIS Secure Internet by McAfee mobile App; the app is a free download for both Apple and Android.
  5. Click the Close button.Arris SBG6950ac2 Alerts

Configure the modem

  1. Click the Wireless 2.4 GHz or Wireless 5 GHz menu button to choose the Wi-Fi frequency range you want to set up.
  2. In the sub-menu of the wireless you are setting up, click BASIC, then check Enable Wireless (if not already enabled) and finally, enter the Wireless Network Name (SSID).
  3. You need to choose a Security Mode from the drop-down list; the WPA2-PSK (AES) is the recommended option.
  4. Choose a string or hexadecimal numbers for the Pre-Shared Key field (this is not necessary if you choose Open as a security mode).
    Arris SBG7600 Basic Wireless Setup
  5. Click Apply to save your changes.

Some notes and tips:

  • This router is very similar to the Arris SBG7400AC2
  • You may want to use a phrase to make the password easy to remember.
  • Use a combination of lower and uppercase letters as well as symbols, to make the password more secure, and do not use something that could be easily guessed.
  • Frequently change the admin password to access the web manager.
  • Concerning the physical security of the modem: disconnect it during a thunderstorm, don’t keep it in excessive humidity, heat, dust or near water, and for repairs contact a qualified technician.
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