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How to Change my WiFi password on Sagemcom F@ST 4320

Sagemcom F@ST 4320

From the telecommunications provider Windstream, the Sagemcom F@ST 4320 is a xDSL type of router that comes with Wireless, LAN and USB capabilities. It can connect to 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n wireless network standards. It comes with Ethernet uplink, IP routing for the LAN and wireless connectivity, all of that in one device.

You should remember that you need a strategic place to set your router to get the best results, a blocking wall can give yo bad signal all over your house. If it is a big place, you can always connect a second device to your main one, by doing so, you can really extend the coverage area and there is almost not perceptible loss of speed.

How can you get these results:

  • First get your self a second router, if it has antennas much better.
  • Connect both devices through an Ethernet cable after they are both on.
  • Then access to that second router, preferable not using wireless connection.
  • Check for its user manual and modify the WiFi settings.

With the information given below, you will basically know how to connect to any modem, because, besides the different IP addresses and usernames and password, every step you take is almost the same.

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How to get access to the Sagemcom F@st 4320:

  • Open your daily use browser.
  • Type this IP address
  • Enter the username admin and the password admin.
  • This will grant you access to your device, where you will be able to make changes and modify some settings.

It is highly important for you to change the name of your network or SSID (Service Set Identifier). So, this way you can differentiate and identify it from others. In order to do so just follow these simple steps:

  • After you are logged in to the router, click on the Wireless tab
  • Then go to Basic.Sagemcom F@ST 4320 SSID
  • Now make the changes in the SSID box.
  • Once you have done it, make sure to click on Apply/Save.
  • After creating the name, you should go to Security.
  • Almost at the button on Select SSID, choose from the source list your new WiFi name.
  • Again Apply/Save once more.

Selecting the network security and changing the wireless key of your Sagemcom F@ST 4320:

  • Once on the main page go to the Wireless tab.
  • Then click on Security.
  • Scroll down to Network Authentication.Sagemcom F@ST 4320 wireless password
  • Source the pick-list and go for WPA2 -PSK, this is going to be always your best option in terms of security.
  • Next on WPA/WAPI passphrase, change your old password for a new one.
  • Finally on WPA/WAPI Encryption you have to choose AES. 
  • To keep your changes do not forget to click on Apply/Save.

This is how it is going to be possible to change the wireless passphrase of your router. Please comment below.


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