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How To Change My WiFi Password On Actiontec MI424WR Rev I

Here we will show you as easy as we can, how to change the WiFi password on the Actiontec MI424WR Rev I. Connecting this router and accessing to it, are both easy procedures, and no configuration to achieve this will be need it.

Instructions for changing the WiFi password on Actiontec MI424WR Rev I

  1. Make sure your computer is connected via Ethernet cable or via WiFi.
  2. Open a web browser and then enter the next IP address to enter to the router interface.
  3. When the login screen appears, introduce the user name and password. Both are printed on the label at the back of the router. Usually, the user name is ”admin”, but the password varies depending on the router.
  4. The main screen will appear after entering the credentials previously explained in step number three.
  5. Immediately access to Wireless Settings at the left top side of the screen and then go to the option Basic Security Settings, where you will be able to set up a wireless network by using a basic WEP wireless security.Actiontec MI424WR Rev I basic security settings
  6. A new screen will be shown. You just need to modify the SSID box (optional) and the WEP Key box (WiFi password).Actiontec MI424WR Rev I wireless settings
  7. Remember after modifying everything click on Apply button, so everything you have done will be saved.

Please note:

  • When selecting a WEP Key in the drop-down list, remember that 64/40 bits mean that you have to enter 10 characters and 128/104 means that you have to enter 26 characters.
  • Characters for the password must have a letter from A-Z or a number from 0-9.
  • On Basic Security Settings there is an option for turning off the WiFi radio.
  • If by any chance you decide to fabric restore the router, you just have to press the restarting button for about 10 seconds, all the changes you have done inside the Graphical User Interface (GUI) will be fabric restore, so you will have to do all procedures again if you want to change your WiFi password.
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