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How to change my WiFi password on Novatel T1114

How To Change My WiFi Password On Novatel T1114

It is easy to change the WiFi password on Novatel T1114, but first, let’s see its features. The Novatel T1114 is an excellent choice if your internet service provider is Verizon. The LTE Internet and Home Phone is able to provide voice and data service even when there is an outage. The T1114 has an internal battery, so when you plug in the device it will immediately start charging it, very helpful feature.

This is one of the most exciting Verizon models and here we are going to explain to you more about its internal settings. This tutorial shows you some explanations and images that make the way easier for you.

Some of the subjects we are going to be talking about are; How to access or login to the T1114 and how to change the security options. Mainly we are going to be talking about the possibility to change the wireless password of your device.

Remember to always use a cable connection when accessing the router, instead of WiFi. We recommend this, cause, is always more stable and if you change the wireless passphrase then you won’t be kicked out of the network.

Please let us know if you need assistance in any of the steps down here explained.

Login to the Novatel T1114 interface

To access to the router’s interface, first, type into your favorite browser. Right after you do this, there is going to show you a login screen to sign in. As soon as you click sign in, the system will ask you for the admin password, which is in the router’s label or inside the router’s screen.

novatel t1114 login

After you log in to the system, select Settings from the left menu and then go to WiFi from the top menu. If you do it like in the image below, then, you will see a field to edit the WiFi password and the Network Name.

novatel t1114 wi-fi settings

If you would like to change the admin password (login password), instead of Wi-Fi you select Device. You will see the field to enter the actual password and the new password twice.novatel t1114 login password change

Don’t forget to Save changes after completing the settings.

These were the steps needed to change the wireless password or WiFi password on Novatel T1114. Something additional please let us know in the comments below or email us. We will try to respond to you as soon as we can.


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