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How to change my WiFi password on Suddenlink routers

Suddenlink Internet Service Provider

Suddenlink Communications is an American subsidiary of Altice USA; it specializes in broadband phone, home security, cable television, and high-speed internet. Before Altice acquired it was the seventh largest cable operator company, the acquisition was done on June 2012  for $6.6 billion. Before selling, it had 1.5 million residential and 90,000 business subscribers. Combined with Cable Vision it became what is now known as Altice USA.

This subsidiary has its headquarters in St. Louis, MO. and its CEO is Dexter Goei. Suddenlink sells Altice One, which is a service that delivers TV, Internet, WiFi, and streaming apps all in one; it also has voice remote to tune in channels and find shows through voice commands as well as bigger WiFi coverage in your home, reliable TV service and blazing fast speeds of up to 1GB of internet.

Below we will explain the different router models that Suddenlink has released, and its different functionalities as well as how to configure them.

Official Suddenlink Website:

Suddenlink routers and how to change the WiFi password

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