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How to change my WiFi password on the Netgear R7000P

How To Change My Wifi Password On The Netgear R7000P

To change the WiFi password on Netgear R7000P let’s check its details.  The Netgear R7000P is a fancy structure router as you can see in the picture, with 3 antennas for a proper WiFi signal distribution. It has wireless data transfer up to 2300 Mbps. This router is made to enhance your network qualities and offers the correct wireless bandwidth needed to do perfect streaming and at the same time download huge files.

The final purpose of this page is to explain in deep, the Netgear R7000P internal settings. After you finish reading, you will know how to access to this router and change some wireless settings, like the network name, the network wireless password, etc.

During the whole process, you will be able to see some pictures with the purpose of guiding you to change the WiFi password of the Netgear R7000P. We recommend you to follow exactly the steps as we provide them to you in order to have the best result.

Access to the Netgear R7000P

To access the Netgear R7000P, you first need to connect the router to the PC through an ethernet cable. After this, you have to open a web browser and type the interface’s IP address or You have to look at your router’s label to confirm all the data.

Netgear R7000P access login

As soon as you enter the default IP, then the credentials screen will show up, allowing you to introduce the username (admin) and the password (password).

Finally, after you introduce the proper credentials, the router’s Basic Home screen will come up.

Change the wireless settings on the Netgear R7000P

At this point you will be at the interface, so, you have to do some extra steps to change the wireless settings of the Netgear R7000P.


The first step is to select the Basic tab on the top menu and then click on the Wireless option to the left. Right immediately you will see all that we are looking for.


Name (SSID) is the network name; this one you can edit or create a new one. Then we have the Security Options; these allow you to have better security on your network. We highly recommend using WPA2. Finally, the password (network key) section, allows you to change or edit the WiFi password. When you finish editing the settings, please click on Apply to save the changes.

These were the steps needed to change the wireless key or WiFi password on Netgear R7000P. If something is a bit confusing for you, you can contact us by commenting below.


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