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How To Change My WiFi Password On RAC2V1S Sagemcom Wave 2

The RAC2V1S is built with a lot of features, with the purpose of bringing the maximum performance and speed to the users.

  1. Wireless AC technology, by using the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, bringing this way max range and speed.
  2. Parental control, enabling you to control all access to the internet.
  3. Gigabit connections, transferring files at fast speed by using the Gigabit Ethernet technology.
  4. Built with the IPv6 technology.
  5. Dual band feature.
  6. Uses WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall for the proper protection from intruders.
  7. This router lets you plug in your USB devices, this way can easily share them throughout the network.

This router is very familiar to the RAC2V1A and the RAC2V1K: How to change my WiFi password on Arris RAC2V1A and How to change my WiFi password on Askey RAC2V1K.

Configure the WiFi of your RAC2V1S

Down here I will explain you all, how we can easily change the WiFi password of this router model. As we have explained before in previous posts, the procedures are almost the same than in other routers. The steps are detailed in the next lines.

  1. Access to your browser and go to
  2. Introduce the username and password (admin for both).
  3. Select the type of network that you are interested in. In this case, could be 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
  4. Then select the BASIC tab.RAC2V1S basic security settings
  5. You will see the SSID (Service Set Identifier) which is the name of the network, you can change it for your own name if you want.
  6. You will see below the Security Settings, the security encryption mode, where you will be able to choose the type of encryption you want for your WiFi. Usually, the default one is WPA2.
  7. Then enter the desired password for your WiFi network in the box.
  8. Confirm the password you have entered.
  9. Finally, click on the Apply button.
  • WPA2 requires an 8-63 character password. Characters like these can not be used $ ‘ / ” ><.
  • It is up to you if you want to show your network to other devices. In addition, there is an option in the BASIC tab where you can uncheck the VISIBLE box.
  • When changing the WiFi password, the screen will show you how strong is the password you are introducing, this way you have the possibility to change it for a stronger one.
  • For changing the WiFi password on the 5GHz network you just follow the same procedures as we have done in the 2.4GHz network.
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