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How to change my WiFi password on Asus RT-AC87U

Asus RT-ac87u

The Asus RT-AC87U is an ultra-thin and futuristic designed router which features a SMB sever, FTP server for 24/7 file sharing, UPnP AV server, capable for handling up to 300,000 sessions and also the ASUS Green Network Technology, which provides a good power saving strategy.

We always recommend the users to place the router in a good position in order to have a better transmission for the WiFi. Keep the device away from walls, metal obstructions, sun light. Also a good tip, is to position the device antennas as shown in the image below.

Asus RT-AC87U antennas position

In this guide we inform you about the different internal aspects of the Asus RT-AC87U. How you can access to the device or how to change the internal settings of the device will be the main aspects to talk about.

How to access to the Asus RT-AC87U

Here we show you how to access to the router’s web interface:

  1. Always the first step will be to check up for all your cable connections before turning on your PC.
  2. The second step is to access to your favorite web browser.
  3. Next, type the IP address or go to the
  4. It will ask you for the username and password. In this case you type admin for the username and admin for the password.
  5. Now you are going to be in the Main Home Screen.
  6. If this is the first time you access to the interface, it will ask you to do the Quick Internet Setup.

How to change the network settings on your Asus RT-AC87U

Here we show you how to change the wireless passphrase, network name, etc, of you router:

  1. After you are logged in, the next step is to go to General in Wireless Advanced Settings.Asus RT-AC87U internal settings
  2. You will see the system status either for the 2.4Ghz network or the 5Ghz network.
  3. You just have to edit the wireless name (SSID) box to a new network name.
  4. Also you will able to change the WEP Encryption.
  5. WPA Pre-shared key, here you just introduce your new password for your WiFi.
  6. After you do all the proper changes then you just click on Apply button.

Any doubts please let us know. For future reference, and to keep up informed about other routers, please follow our official website 

This way explained up here, you will be able to change the wireless pre-shared key of your router.To know more about Spectrum routers, please go to the Spectrum Page.


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