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How to change my WiFi password on Optimum routers

Optimum Internet Service Provider

Optimum is an American Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.) and is a subsidiary of Altice USA, it offers internet, telephone and television service. It works together with Suddenlink. Optimum was known before as Cablevision, established by Charles Dolan in 1973 and is providing cable television service to over 4.6 million subscribers in 21 states.

The Optimum brand available in the New York state provides full home connectivity throught high speed internet connection, voice services and digital TV, also the famous Optimum Wi-Fi which is the strongest WiFi network in that area.

Optimum has a wide variety of speed connection up to 400 Mbps to enjoy in every digital lifestyle. Also a reliable home telephone service with clear voice all around the country.

Here we will be focusing on the router models that Optimum has released and how to get to the settings of each one, this way you can control every single byte of your connection.

Official Optimum Website:

Optimum routers and how to change the WiFi password

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