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Change my WiFi password on the Arris NVG468MQ

How To Change My Wifi Password On The Arris Nvg468mq

To change the WiFi password on Arris NVG468MQ let’s check its details. The Arris NVG468MQ is well designed, specifically has an excellent robust video transmission, telephony, and high-speed internet. It delivers excellent wireless and wired connection to the office or to your home.

This guide was made to let you know a little bit more about this router. In this case, we are explaining how you can configure the router to bring you the best experience. Also we are explaining how it is possible to modify the wireless password and more.

Please allow yourself to continue reading this tutorial, and remember to follow the indications as we tell you here. We don’t want you to have a malfunction of your Arris NVG468MQ, so please abide by the steps.

Log in to the Arris NVG468MQ

Before starting with the login, you first have to notice that all the connections are properly plugged and also remember to connect the router to the PC via cable connection. This is because you are going to have better reception. Also if you are changing the wireless key you won’t have any inconveniences.

After you do all the previous suggestions, you have to access to a browser and type the default router’s IP address, which is or Right after you get to the IPs you will see a dialog box asking you for a username and a password. You have to type in the default credentials that are printed on the router’s label.

Arris NVG468MQ login

Finally, when you type in the credentials, you will be redirected to the router’s interface.

Modify the wireless key on the Arris NVG468MQ

After you get to the interface’s home screen, you have to go to the Wireless tab on the top menu. Then you have two options to set up your wireless:

  1. Modify your networks individually.
  2. Modify the total wireless networks.

You can modify each network as you prefer, but we found out it is better to set up the Total Control Wireless. This is because the router automatically will choose the better band to your device in order to give it the best signal.

You have to select Total Control Wireless on the left menu. Then you will see the status, network name, WPA, and password.

Arris NVG468MQ wireless password

Enable the status if it is not, and create a new network name SSID. Also you have the option to select a WPA of your preference, anyways we suggest the WPA2. At the bottom you will see the password field. Just edit it as you wish, apply changes and you will be done.

We hope you were able to change the wireless key or WiFi password on Arris NVG468MQ. Please let us know if you need some additional help.


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