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How to change my WiFi password on D-Link DSL-2750B

D-Link DSL 2750B Device

In order to change the WiFi password on D-Link DSL-2750B, let’s first see its features. The D-Link DSL-2750B has many features available for creating a better user experience. Below you may find some of them:

  1. A wireless connection of up to 300Mbps to help with online gaming, video and audio streaming.
  2. Full compatibility with 802.11b and 802.11g devices.
  3. Support for DHCP, which means it dynamically assigns LAN IPs settings to each host on your network.
  4. Network Address Translation (NAT) helping to improve network security by hiding the private network behind a global IP address.
  5. High performance due to its 24Mbps downstream bit rate.
  6. Web-based management.
  7. Easy set-up.
  8. Support for USB, making it easy to share files and printers.
  9. Connection support for IPv6.

Configure WiFi key on your D-Link DSL-2750B

Below you may find a series of steps for changing the WiFi password of this router model:

  1. To access the web-based utility, open a web browser and enter the IP address of the router in the address bar ( Type admin for the Username and also admin in the Password field.D-Link DSL-2750B Login
  2. Go to the Wireless Connection option at the left sidebar and click on the Wireless Connection Setup Wizard button to set up the wireless connection in an easy way. It will use a web-based wizard to assist you in connecting to your new D-Link Systems Wireless Router.D-Link DSL-2750B Wireless Setup Wizard
  3. The SSID or network name identifies your network, and can be changed to something else, all other devices on the wireless network must also use the same SSID though.D-Link DSL-2750B SSID
  4. As seen above, you can choose an option to assign a network key automatically; this is done for protecting your network from attackers, but if you prefer to assign the network key yourself, choose the option Manually assign a network key, and write between 8 and 63 characters in the Network Key field.D-Link DSL-2750B Network Key
  5. Click the Next button to advance to the next page where you can review your WiFi settings and then click Save.D-Link DSL-2750B Setup Review

Please Note:

  • Each wall or ceiling can reduce the range of the adapter from one to 30 meters. So, make sure to position your router so that the number of walls and ceilings are reduced. For the ones you cannot avoid, make sure to position the router in a straight position instead of at an angle to improve the reception.
  • The device works better when away from electrical devices that generate RF noise.
  • For a first time configuration of the router and its quick connection to the internet, click on SETUP tab, Wizard section and then on the Setup Wizard button and follow the instructions.
  • Besides the option Wireless Connection Setup Wizard, you may also choose the options Add Wirelesss Device with WPS or Manual Wireless Connection Setup to configure your WiFi.

This is how it is possible to change the WiFi passphrase or WiFi password on D-Link DSL-2750B.


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