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How to change my WiFi password on Actiontec F2250

Actiontec F2250

It is easy to change the WiFi password on Actiontec F2250, but first, let’s see its features. The Actiontec F2250 router belongs to the company Frontier telecommunications. This one is capable not only to work at ADSL mode but also VDSL or VHDSL these are acronyms of Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line. Basically it is the evolution of the ADSL, its a new technology that works in four channels for the data transmission, two for the download and two for the upload, which can be supplied asymmetrically (300 Mbit/s of download and 100 Mbit/s of upload) or symmetrically as we see the ADSL (100 Mbit/s both upload and download).

If we have to describe this model, let’s just say that the ventilation holes are awesome. Other than that its a normal router with the Power, Lan ports for the ethernet, USB port and the always useful reset button, which in case you forget your password you can reset to factory defaults by just holding it until the power light turns orange/yellow (about 10

In the next lines, we are describing how you can change the WiFi password on this device when you are login into the router’s interface for the first time.

Changing the WiFi key of the Actiontec F2250:

  1. As usual in this type of devices, you should open the browser of your preference. In this case, if the Setup Wizard doesn’t start automatically, then, these numbers have to be typed in
  2. Immediately after, the Setup Wizard is going to be detecting the WAN configuration, so once the three indicators Broadband, Transport, and Connection shows as green, you should press Next.
  3. For the following step you need to have a User Name & password, but if you are entering for the first time, you have to use the one that comes from the factory. admin is what you have to type as User Name and Password for residential use, and fr0nt13r for Business Class. Then press Next.Actiontec F2250 setup wizard login in
  4. Configure the time zone, click Next.
  5. Now on the next step, we should be able to configure our desired Wireless Setting, you can enable or disable your WiFi on Wireless radio (Normally you can access here on the tap that says Wireless and then Basic Settings).Actiontec F2250 setup wizard wifi custom key
  6. On passphrase/Key by clicking on custom you can write the password of your preference, then you should press Next.
  7. You can also change the SSID (network name), by just editing it.

Finishing the Setup Wizard of the Actiontec F2250

  1. Enter the account’s primary e-mail address and password, the ones provided by your internet service provider. Press Next to continue.
  2. On the next screen, the wizard will attempt to establish a connection with the internet, as long as de ADSL is working properly, if not it will either require you to retry or you will have no other choice than to contact your internet service provider for support.
  3. Once the connection is authenticated and well established you will be displayed the basic information you have already added to the system.
  4. Finally, press Next to finish.

In this tutorial, you have learned how it is possible to change the wireless key or WiFi password on Actiontec F2250.


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