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How to change my WiFi password on Zoom 5352

How To Change My WiFi Password On Zoom 5352

To change the WiFi password on Zoom 5352 let’s check its details. The Zoom 5352 is a very recognized router provided by COX Communications and Comcast Xfinity as well. With this excellent device, you will have a high-speed internet gateway either for wireless or ethernet devices. It combines 343mbps cable connection and up to 300mbps for the wireless.

This model in specific is very similar to other routers we have explained before on this website. You may want to check for this similar router Zoom 5350 or this other one Zoom 5363. Both of them have a little tutorial like this one.

This guide was made to help you understand the internal settings of the router. If you keep reading, you will learn how to access or change the wireless password on this wonderful device. We suggest you to follow to the letter what we try to explain to you in the next paragraphs.

Please pay really close attention to the images, cause basically it is the main support material.

Access to the Zoom 5352

To access to the Zoom 5352 you first have to check for the connections. You should have the proper connection in order to access to the router. We recommend you to use a cable connection instead of WiFi.

After you check everything, you have to access to a web browser and type the default IP Address A dialog box will come up to enter the username and password. You should type admin for both cases (default credentials).

Zoom 5352 login

You will see the Home Screen after you follow these steps.

Change the wireless key on the Zoom 5352

If you followed the steps before, then, at this point you will be at the interface’s home screen.

Access to the wireless options by clicking on Wireless on the top menu. Then, click on the Primary Network option located on the left menu bar. Here you have all that you need.

Zoom 5352 wireless settings

You can edit the network name (SSID). This is the name that your network will show anytime. For example; when connecting to your wireless network, you will see the SSID.

Also, you have the option to change the Encryption Type. We always recommend using WPA/2 for more security.

The WPA Pre-shared Key means the password that your WiFi will have. Usually, you have a default password but you can edit it right here.

This is the procedure to change the wireless key or WiFi password on Zoom 5352. In case you have doubts, you can let us know by commenting below in the comments box.


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