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How to change my WiFi password on Zoom 5350

How To Change My WiFi Password On Zoom 5350

In order to change the WiFi password on Zoom 5350, let’s first see its features. The Zoom 5350 is a DOCSIS 3.0 device that offers a high-speed internet connection up to 150mbps. This router is a tower type device, offered commonly by the COX internet service provider.

This little guide is mainly focused on the internal settings of your device. After you finish this guide, you will be able to know at least how to change the wireless security key and how to change some other internal settings of the router.

Please follow the steps as described. We will show some images during the tutorial in order to make it easier for you to understand.

If you make a mistake when following our suggestions and it is impossible for you to get it back, you have the possibility to factory restore your router. You do this by pressing the reset button at the back of the device for at least 10 seconds. After that everything will get factory restored and you will be able to try again the settings.

Zoom 5350 reset button

Up here you can see the exact location of the reset button in your Zoom 5350.

You may want to have a look at this similar router Zoom 5352 or this other one Zoom 5363.

How to change the wireless passphrase on the Zoom 5350

First of all, we need to access to the router, and we can do this by following the next steps:

  1. Access to the IP address You just type this IP into the browser of your preference.
  2. The system will ask you for a username and a password. Usually admin for both cases will be good, anyways the credentials are printed at the router’s back label.Zoom 5350 login
  3. If everything goes well, then, you will be redirected to the interface’s home page.
  4. Go to Wireless on the top menu, and then click on Primary Network on the left menu. Please check the image below.Zoom 5350 wireless preshared key
  5. You are going to see the SSID (network name) field. Here you can edit the network name as you wish.
  6.  We recommended you to always select WPA/2 on the Encryption Type box.
  7. WPA Pre-shared key field; gives you the opportunity to change the WiFi key of your network.
  8. Finally, after you do everything, please save the changes.

In this guide, you already learned the steps required to change the Wireless Password or WiFi password on Zoom 5350. Please let us know your opinion about this tutorial.


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