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How to change my WiFi password on TP-LINK CR500


The TP-LINK CR500 is very similar to other routers we have already explained in previous tutorials, like the TP-LINK CR1900 and TP-LINK CR700, not only internally but physically too. With a front panel conformed with different LED lights, like the power, downstream, upstream, wps, wireless, lan, internet, etc. And the back panel conformed with wps button, reset button, cable port, usb ports, power button, etc.

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In the next lines I will explain as understandable as possible how you can access to the TP-LINK CR500, and how it is possible to change its wireless settings. But before starting with all the procedures I am about to explain, I recommend to use a wired PC to avoid the network disconnection after the WiFi key changes.

How to change the WiFi password on TP-LINK CR500

  • The very first thing to do is to access to the router, and you do this by launching your internet browser and typing either the website or the IP address
  • After the first step, it will show you a little screen to enter the username and password, in this case admin for both cases in lower case letters.TP-LINK CR500 LOG IN
  • As soon as you get into the dashboard you will see many options available, showing you the networks available and the status for each one.
  • You have to access to the Basic settings.TP-LINK CR500 Basic Settings
  • Then go Wireless settings.
  • Here you will see the Networks available, the SSID, and the WiFi password for each one. Here you decide how to edit them.
  • When you finish remember to Save changes.

Change the Security Options on TP-LINK CR500

  • After you are into the dashboard, access to Advanced¬†settings.TP-LINK CR500 Advanced Settings
  • Then select the Wireless network you would like to edit (2.4Ghz in this case).
  • Choose Primary Network.
  • In this screen you will be able to edit either the SSID, the Wireless Password, or the Security Options.
  • Remember to Save changes after finishing editing.

This is how you are going to change the WiFi passphrase on your router.


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