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How To Change My WiFi Password On ZyXEL Q1000Z

The ZyXEL Q1000Z is one of the best ZyXEL models which provides high-speed Internet access through a telephone line. That’s why is considered a VDSL2 router. In addition, it allows you to connect your telephone to it, and make/receive PSTN calls.

In the next lines, I will be giving you a few tips on how to access to this magnificent router and how to change its settings. This model, in particular, is very similar in some ways to the ZyXEL C2100Z. Here you can know more about it: How to change my WiFi password on ZyXEL C2100Z.

Accessing to the ZyXEL Q1000Z is very simple and easy. With just a couple of steps, you will be able to change the WiFi password or even change the SSID (network name).

Access to the ZyXEL Q1000Z and changing the WiFi password

  1. Plug in the router to the computer directly via cable (always recommended).
  2. Go to on your favorite browser and automatically will enter to the interface.
  3. Then you just select Wireless Setup, as in the picture below.ZyXEL Q1000Z wireless setup
  4. Choose Wireless Security. In this screen, you have all the options available.
  5. At the bottom, you can see the box Enter Security Key/Passphrase.ZyXEL Q1000Z wireless security
  6. Change it to Custom Security Key and edit it as you wish.
  7. Finally, Apply changes.

Changing the SSID on the ZyXEL Q1000Z (optional)

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 of the previous explanation.
  2. Choose Basic Settings. You will see many options available.ZyXEL Q1000Z basic settings
  3. Go and edit the SSID (network name) as you wish.
  4. You also have the option to Enable/Disable the WiFi Radio.
  5. Finally, press Apply to save changes.


Please Note:

We always recommend using the connection between the computer and the router via cable cause of many reasons:

  • It has a faster and better reception of the data.
  • If you are connected via WiFi, you are going to get disconnected as soon as you change the WiFi password.
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