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How To Change My WiFi Password On Actiontec C2000A

The Actiontec C2000A is a very strong router very common in the Centurylink provider. It brings a fast and perfect DSL speed for the best gaming, VoIP, web navigation and HD IPTV. Some of the most important features we can find with the C2000A model are:

  • Bonded and Single Line VDSL2
  • Bonded and Single Line ADSL2+
  • Gigabit 4-Port Ethernet LAN Switch
  • 2 VoIP Lines
  • Gigabit Ethernet WAN/LAN Port
  • Etc.

Here in this tutorial, I will explain how you will be able to change the WiFi password on the Actiontec C2000A. This model, in particular, has a very similar interface to others like the C1000A, C1900A, C2300A, and C3000A. You also can see the tutorial on how you can access them and change the WiFi password by just clicking in the links below:

Access to the Actiontec C2000A

  1. The very first step is to connect the router to your PC via cable (I always recommend cable instead of WiFi).
  2. Then access to the router IP by just going into your favorite browser and introducing the address C2000A login screen
  3. Go and type the username and password. If you have the default settings, then the label at the back of the router should have the information needed.Actiontec C2000A label
  4. Finally, click on the Apply button.

Change the SSID (network name) on the Actiontec C2000A

  1. After accessing the router, go to Wireless Setup.Actiontec C2000A Wireless Setup
  2. Go to Basic Settings and enable the Wireless Radio.Actiontec C2000A basic settings
  3. Then you will see a box named Change the network name.
  4. Into the box, you can edit the name as you want to.
  5. Select Apply to save changes.

Change the password on the Actiontec C2000A

  1. When you access the router, go to Wireless Setup.Actiontec C2000A Wireless Setup
  2. On the left side of the screen, you are going to see the Wireless Security option.Actiontec C2000A wireless security option
  3. Then choose the SSID that you want to edit.
  4. Select the Security Type (WPA/WPA2 recommended).
  5. Then you will see at the bottom, the box for the Passphrase.
  6. Finally, select “Use default security passphrase” or “Use custom security passphrase“.Actiontec C2000A security password

Notes: If you select the custom password, then you have to choose between 64 bits (10 characters password) or 128 bits (26 characters password) for the new passphrase. Also, characters should not contain spaces and only letters between A-F and numbers between 0-9 with no spaces

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