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How to change my WiFi password on the Arris BGW210-700

How To Change My Wifi Password On The Arris Bgw210-700

It is easy to change the WiFi password on Arris BGW210-700, but first, let’s see its features. The Arris BGW210-700 offers a variety of great features to its users. Some of them are; a good IPv6, security firewall, VoIP support, etc. It delivers huge video transmission and high internet speed either by ethernet or wireless. This router belongs to the At&t internet provider and you will know a bit more about it if you stay reading the next lines.

The purpose of this website is mainly to detail the router settings. In this case, the Arris BGW210-700 has many functions available and here you will learn not only how to access to it, but also, how to change some of its settings.

The first recommendation we suggest is to connect the router to the PC via cable. As long as we are going to access to the router, a good recommendation is not to use WiFi while doing this. Keep reading down here to show you the entire process.

Access to the Arris BGW210-700

We will describe many steps to grant access to the Arris BGW210-700. If some of them are not very clear, please let us know.

Right after you connect the router to the PC, go to a browser of your preference. You have to type the IP recommended for this router model. Normally, the IP is printed on the router’s label. But you can try or After you have done this, right immediately, there is going to show a screen asking for the credentials. Most of the time the credentials are printed on the router’s label, so, you have to look at it and type it in to grant access to the interface. Usually, this router model only asks you for the password.

Arris BGW210-700 interface main screen

After you introduce the proper credentials, you will be redirected to the router’s main interface. Here you will be able to change some internal settings, but about this, we will be talking in the next paragraph.

Wireless Settings on Arris BGW210-700

If you followed the access to the router guide, then, you are prepared for this next step. Here we have to change some internal settings; like the SSID (network name), password, etc.

After you are at the interface’s home screen, you just go to Home Network and then Wi-Fi as you can see in the image. Here you will see the Network Name (SSID), the Security Options (WPA-2 recommended), and the most important option, which is the Wireless Password. You just need to edit them or create new ones.

Arris BGW210-700 wireless settings

Finally, you need to save all changes you have done. To do this, go and click on Apply, in order to save all the changes. If you need further information or have any doubts about the Wireless Key or WiFi password on Arris BGW210-700, please let us know.


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