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How to change my WiFi password on Motorola NVG589

Motorola NVG589

The Motorola NVG589 as many other routers can be used in two different modes. Router mode, to serve as a communication between the internet and the device. Bridge mode, to allow your LAN workstations to have public addresses directly to the internet.

The Motorola NVG589 comes with an external battery to serve as an energy supplier in case of an outage. This one you have to install it by your self.

In this guide we are showing you a few important settings for the Motorola NVG589, not only the wireless settings but how to access to it.

The first main thing before changing any setting on any router is to confirm that all the connections are properly installed. Also, we recommend using a cable internet connection between your PC and the router. In case you change the WiFi passphrase you wont be kicked out of the network cause you are not using WiFi. Also cable connection usually is more stable.

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Access to the Motorola NVG589

Here we explain how to get the access to the routers interface (GUI).

  1. The main step to access to any router is to open a web browser of your preference. In this case i am using google chrome.
  2. After you open a browser, go to this link NVG589 IP
  3. The system automatically will determinate your broadband network type.
  4. You may be required to enter a unique device access code. This code is printed in the side label of the router.
  5. The main screen of the device interface will show up.

Settings on the Motorola NVG589

Here we explain how to change some important internal settings on the router.

  1. You first follow the access to the router guide up here.
  2. Immediately go to Home Network.
  3. You will see many options available, but in this case we are looking for the Wireless tab.Motorola NVG589 wireless settings
  4. Here you see all the basic things you need to set your router.
  5. Network Name (SSID) can be changed any time you want. This is the name that your network will show.
  6. You can see the Security Options available. WPA/2 is the recommended one, but you can choose Both into the WPA Version box.
  7. Then, into the Key box you can enter or re-enter the WiFi password.
  8. Finally, after all this, just Save the changes.

These are the steps required to change the wireless passphrase on your router. Check out our AT&T Page, where you have a variety of AT&T routers.


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