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How To Change My WiFi Password On Arris NVG599

The Arris NVG599 has a variety of features and functionalities. In this little guide we show some of them and how to change some settings on it. The Arris NVG599 serve as a router, but also can be used in bridge mode, and this is to serve as a pass-through device to the workstation.

In this tutorial we show you many illustrations about the different aspects of the Arris NVG599. In deep, our website is based on knowing how to access to the routers, but also we refer to its features and functionalities.

The main attractive additional thing this router has is the external battery, serving as a good ally when there is an outage. You may know this battery comes in a different package, so you have to install it by your self. Follow the instructions provided by your internet provider or the physical manual that comes in it.

Before starting with the guide, i should tell you to verify all the connections before turning on your computer. We suggest you to use a computer and cable network connection.

Access to the Arris NVG599

Here there are some steps we present you to get into the routers interface:

  1. First step to follow is to access to a browser in your PC.
  2. Type into the browser the next IP address
    Arris NVG599 IP address
  3. To grant the access to the interface you will have to enter the proper username and password, which is available in the back label of the router. In this case admin for the username and password for the password. Sometimes the access is granted with just entering the IP address.
  4. The Device Status screen shows up after you enter the proper information.

Settings on the Arris NVG599

After you follow the steps above, you will be able to change some settings in the router, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Firstly, after you are in the Device Status, go to Home Network.
  2. You can see the WiFi head, just click on it. Here you will find all the information needed to achieve our goal.
  3. After Home SSID you can see the actual network name, so you will be able to edit it anytime you want. This is the name that your network will show anytime. Also there is the function of disable the network name.Arris NVG599 wireless settings
  4. There is an option to change the Security Settings. In this case we see WPA (default) but you can change it to WPA/2 which is more secure nowadays.
  5. In the same square you can see the dialog box for the WiFi Password. You just have to edit it as you wish.
  6. Finally Save changes to finish with the settings.
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