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How to change my WiFi password on Arris NVG595

Arris NVG595

The Arris NVG595 from AT&T has a good firewall that helps your home network against unwanted accesses. A firewall is a system well designed to prevent the unauthorized accesses to a network.

In this little guide we show you many things concerning to the internal settings of the Arris NVG595, some of those are:

  • Access to the router.
  • Network Name.
  • WiFi password.
  • Security Type.
  • Etc.

The first step before starting with the guide is to check for all of your connections, including your PC to the router connection.

A good recommendation is to first establish a Ethernet cable connection between the router and the PC. This is just to access to the router, later you can use WiFi if you want to. This recommendation it’s because WiFi is not as stable as the cable. Also if you decide, for example to change the WiFi key then you will not be kicked out of the network.

You may also want to check for these similar routers:

Accessing to the Arris NVG595 and changing up your WiFi passphrase and SSID.

Follow the steps as we show in the next list, so you will learn how to access and setup this router:

  1. Here we begin with the browser. Run the web browser of your preference.
  2. Next step is to locate the URL typing bar and type the next IP address
  3. At this point, the gate will determinate the broadband type, like in the image below, and then it will show the interface Home ScreenArris NVG595 determining the broadband network type
  4. If the gateway asks you to enter a username and password, remember admin for the username and the password is a unique access code printed on a side label of the router.
  5. Now, to change the SSID (network name), just go to Home Network.
  6. Then you access to Wireless tab by clicking on it.
  7. You will see a screen like in the picture.Arris NVG595 Wireles settings
  8. At this point you can see the SSID (network name) box, where you just have to edit it.
  9. Then, you can change the Security Type (WPA/2 recommended for more security).
  10. Finally, at the bottom, you see the WEP Key (WiFi password). Re-write it and Save changes.

Here you already learned how is possible to change the WiFi passphrase on your router. Please check at our AT&T Page to know more about other AT&T routers.


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