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How to change my WiFi password on any router

Not many people know about the function of the routers. They are one of the most important hardware in the network field. They serve as a communication between your computer or wireless device to the internet.

As we go forward on this website, we will be adding information about the different router models we have investigated. Also, if you have one router in particular that you would like to know how to change the WiFi password, then you can let us know.

Down on this page, we will explain to you how to modify the wireless key or how to access to the routers that the different Internet Service Providers had released to the market all around the world.

Internet Service Providers and how to change the WiFi password on each router

The main function of this website is to let you know the procedures to change the wireless settings on your router, but also, we have to introduce you to other related subjects.

Network Name (SSID)

The network name or service set identifier is, in short; the name given to a WiFi network. It doesn’t matter if it is public or private, all the WiFi networks have a name.

The SSID is commonly encountered when you are using a wireless device and you would like to connect to a wireless network. You will see many network names when you open the WiFi searching console of your device. They are used for all access points; like the coffee shop network close to you, or the bank network around your area. Even at your daily office job you are going to find some access points with different names.

Router Login

To set up your router or your modem it doesn’t matter what model is, you should access or login to its interface in order to set it up. This is the first part of achieving our main website purpose. We have to access the router first, and then, we continue with the router’s internal settings.

We first have to provide an IP address, usually printed on the modem’s label. Then, after you introduce the default IP to the browser, the interface will ask you for the proper credentials to grant the login. Finally, you will get to the modem’s or router’s getaway.

Some router’s IPs have been previously changed, so, if you type in the default IP, you won’t get the access. In order to get access, you should type the new IP address. If you don’t remember it, then, you must factory restore the device by resetting it.

Reset your router

Resetting a router or a modem will restore its conditions to how it was when it was first bought it. This can solve many bad settings you have done. 

The resetting is typically used when you forget either the accessing password or your accessing IP address. Then, after you reset the router, these are going to be restored to defaults. You must know that after resetting your device, you will lose all your previous settings; like the wireless key, the network name, etc.

The most common way to reset the device is to do it manually. You can do this, by first locating the reset button, which is usually at the back of the router, and also most of the time is inside a tiny hole. Then, you have to get a little pin to hold it pressed for at least 10 seconds. Finally, you will get your device factory restored and you can proceed to set it up again.  

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